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Which shipping and freight providers do you use?

We leverage a variety of shipping, and in some cases, freight shipping providers to ensure we're using the most cost-effective, efficient, and economic method possible to deliver our custom cans.

We automatically optimize our shipping methods and the associated providers used based on shipping location, beverage type, and order quantity (weight) for a given order, and work with the following providers:

Active Eliqs Shipping Partners:

  • GLS: CA Deliveries (all beverage types)
  • FedEx: Wine product shipments beyond CA and some non-alcoholic orders
  • UPS: Wine product shipment beyond CA and some non-alcoholic orders
  • Mothership/XPO: Freight shipments of 3,000+ cans (all beverage types)


                  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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