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How much do you charge for Eliqs Custom cans?

For Eliqs Custom orders, we charge per can and these prices vary by beverage type as outlined below:

Craft Beer
Hard Seltzer
Non-Alcoholic Water
Lager: $2.45 / Can
Mango Hard Seltzer: $2.50 / Can
Rosé: $4.99 / Can
Purified Water (flat): $2.15 / Can
Blonde Ale: $2.55 / Can
Lime Hard Seltzer: $2.50 / Can
White Wine: $4.99 / Can
Sparkling Water (unflavored): $2.15 / Can
IPA: $2.65 / Can 
Black Cherry Hard Seltzer$2.50 / Can 

Citrus-Infused Sparkling Water: $2.15 / Can


Custom Design Fee: $95.00 per design

Design Setup Fee: $35.00 per design


                  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


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