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Pricing and Order Minimums

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What are your order minimums?

Our minimum order quantity by order and beverage type are as follows:. _______________________________________________________________________________________________. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at [email protected]

How much do you charge for Eliqs Custom cans?

For Eliqs Custom orders, we charge per can and these prices vary by beverage type as outlined below:. TTTT. Custom Design Fee: $95.00 per design. Design Setup Fee: $35.00 per design. ___________________________________________________________________

Do you offer volume discounts for bulk orders?

Yes, we do! Our volume discount pricing kicks in at 264 cans per beverage type. Please contact our team at [email protected] if you're interested in taking advantage of our bulk pricing. _________________________________________________________________

Is my Eliqs Custom design fee returned to me?

The design fee paid upon order submission for fully custom designs is not a deposit to be returned upon design approval, and thus not returned to you. This is a one-time fee that covers the time and energy of our in-house professional design team to

Do you offer discount codes?

If a promo is what you're looking for, a promo is what we'll give you! Simply sign up for our Newsletter to receive 10% off your first order. As a heads up, discount codes can be redeemed on the checkout page on our site and are only valid for single

Can I purchase sample cans from a store?

Not yet! If you're interested in a sampler pack check out our Order Our Sampler Pack page where you can select a package that includes cans of your desired beverage type(s). ____________________________________________________________________________

Can I sample your products before placing a full order?

Yes, absolutely! We offer the ability to pre-purchase a small sample of each of our beverage offerings in advance of placing a full custom order. Each sample pack includes 4 cans of the selected beverage type(s). You can place this order directly on