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How do I order an Eliqs Custom design?

To order an Eliqs Custom design, simply complete our design survey linked here to share what you're looking for in a custom beverage. Within the survey, you'll be able to... 1. Share the aesthetic, look, and feel you want in your custom design. 2. Pr

How do I customize an Eliqs Template?

Eliqs Templates are pre-set designs that you can customize by adding your own text and uploading pictures / logos / images to make them your own. You can browse our entire selection of Templates here and each Eliqs Template can be applied to any of o

When will I receive my Eliqs Custom design for review?

Once your design request is made, we automatically share it with our in-house professional design team who will begin working on your custom can design. Please be sure to check your spam folder. We typically have a v1 design finalized and shared for

Can I review my design before it's sent to production?

Yes, absolutely! Once you've had a chance to complete our design survey and our designers have completed the first pass of your custom can design, we'll share the initial version via email for review. At this point, you will have the opportunity to p

Can I make an edit to an Eliqs Template order?

If you notice an error in the design request that you submitted, email [email protected] with the adjustment you'd like to make to your design. If your initial design has already been sent to production, you will incur a $35 design change fee + $0.35

Will I have be able to provide feedback on my custom design?

Yes, absolutely! We include 1 free round of revisions before your design is finalized and sent to production. Our team will share your initial design for review via email and request detailed feedback on any changes you'd like us to integrate. We'll

Can I create my own design using Eliqs templates?

Yes, you can definitely design your own label using our templates!Please find a link to our Design Templates + Instructions here. In order for your design to be processed and printed by our team, please make sure to set up your completed .ai design f

Is there anything “off limits” when it comes to a custom design?

Although we do offer the ability to completely customize your cans, there are some no-no's that we will not allow to be included as part of our designs. This includes:. If your request includes any of the items listed above, we will contact you direc

Who is designing my custom cans?

All Eliqs custom cans are designed by our in-house professional design team. Each designer on our team is an expert when it comes to packaging design, specifically cans, and our team's skillsets cover the full gambit of design capabilities, ranging f