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What beverages do you currently offer?

For Eliqs Custom orders, we charge per can and these prices vary by beverage type as outlined below:. Hydrating and refreshing purified flat water. Nothing fancy, just quality great tasting water from a can. Like Perrier in a can. This bubbly and sim

Where are your beverages produced?

Eliqs works and partners with local craft producers throughout California to deliver only the highest quality beverage options!. Our current brewery partners include Santa Monica Brew Works and SLO Brewing Company, and for our non-alcoholic beverage

Do you have non-alcoholic options?

Yes, we do have non-alcoholic beverages available!. Currently, we have the following non-alcoholic beverage options available:. To learn more about our full list of beverage options, please check out our Beverages page on our website. _______________

What can size do your beverages come in?

Craft beer, hard seltzer, and water products are packaged in standard 12oz cans - think of your run-of-the-mill Coca-Cola can. Wine products are packaged in a 187ml slim can, whereby 4 cans = 1 full bottle of wine. As of now, we do not offer the abil

What is the shelf life of Eliqs custom cans?

The shelf life for Eliqs beverages ranges from 9 - 12+ months depending on how the cans are stored. For longevity, please do not store your cans in high temperates and keep them out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark place until they're ready to be c

Are Eliqs beverages Kosher? Gluten free? Vegan?

Are Eliqs beverages Kosher?Although we do not use ingredients that would make our beverages non-kosher, our facilities have NOT received certification from a rabbi. Are Eliqs beverages Gluten Free?All Eliqs Hard Seltzer, Wine, and Non-Alcoholic produ

How do I know they’re going to taste good?

You're asking the right question!. Quality is of the utmost importance for our team at Eliqs, and as a result, we only source beverages from the best craft producers throughout CA. Don't just take our word for it, give each of the beverages from our

Can you add my custom label onto ANY beverage of my choice?

No, we cannot apply our custom labels to any beverage of your choice. We can only apply custom label designs onto beverages included on our curated list of beverage offerings. There are strict regulatory requirements that dictate how cans can be desi

When will you be offering new beverage options?

We're always on the lookout for new beverages to add to our list of curated options, and thus, this list is constantly evolving. _______________________________________________________________________________________________. Let us know what you'd l

Can I buy Eliqs in stores?

As of now, Eliqs custom-branded beverages are not readily available for purchase in stores and are exclusively for sale online at Eliqs.com. _______________________________________________________________________________________________. For any sale